* Heavyweight matte paper is not suitable for pieces with full ink coverage.*  

* For museum wrapped stretched canvas please note the colour for the sides (black or white, grey or a colour).*

* Make sure you choose a stretched canvas and not just a print, if you want it stretched to a stretcher frame.*

* Allow 2-3 weekdays for most prints. Allow more time for any finishing such as laminating, coating, mounting, proofing and any estimating. Stretched canvases take about 8-10 weekdays.*

* If the piece is for academic purposes, then use our Academic Upload instead. Otherwise it will be considered an art print.*

send us your files

First read and follow our technical specs HERE. Please be patient for the upload confirmation page.

If your file is large, the uploading process could take several minutes. If you have several files then place them all in a folder and compress/zip the folder before submitting.

A deposit may be required for us to proceed.

Do not use this upload for Academic printing.