image provisions

Adobe: Photoshop, Illustrator – Images embedded, fonts/text outlined, and Photoshop layers flattened. Convert InDesign files to PDF.
PDFs – Print-ready/high-resolution. Do not use if colour is critical.
Powerpoint – Academic printing. Expect some colour shift.
Keynote – Academic printing. Files must be zipped for upload.
Pages – Academic printing. Files must be zipped for upload.
Corel – Academic printing. Convert files to Illustrator or PDF with all fonts outlined.

Print-ready files are required for academic orders. Academic files are to be in the above formats and need no page layout, sizing or further processing. There will be a setup fee for academic files that require some work.

Size – Note intended print size when submitting and we’ll check that it’ll print hunky-dory at that size. Academic printing MUST be at output dimensions (100%) and print ready.
Colour – RGB or Process/CMYK.
Image resolution – at least 180dpi at size (100%).
Margins – allow for a half-inch non-printable margin.
Formats – JPEG, TIFF, EPS
Gradients/transparencies – strictly no go, Jack.
Multiple pages – place on one page, 23 or 35” wide.
Upload – go to FILE UPLOAD, or for Academic projects to the ACADEMIC UPLOAD found in the main left menu.

We generally print at 180dpi at 100%. Canvas and pictures that will be viewed at a greater distance can go to about 130/150dpi. Upload or bring in your image and we can advice as to resolution and size.

Generally it is best to leave your image in its original colour space when providing a digital file. If you do want to choose a colour space to work in use Adobe RGB and US Web Coated (SWOP)v2. Read more on colour

1. UPLOAD your digital images to our site; or
2. Bring in images on a memory key, memory card, or disk. Make sure you note the image file name or number BEFORE coming in, if the device contains other images.