Our basic setup, included in the above printing prices, is for basic file setup for printing: basic tone, contrast and minor cleanup (scratches and blips) for photos, plus final cropping. Any projects that require more attention will be custom estimated before we proceed.

LAMINATION   $5/square foot
A thin protective coating for our heavyweight matte and photo papers, with scratch resistance and UV protection. Your choice of satin or matte.

FOMECOR MOUNTING   WHITE $5/sq. ft. for 3/16” or $8/sq. ft. for 3/8”
                                       BLACK $8/sq. ft.
for 3/16”
Fomecor mounting for our photopapers, canvas, and watercolour paper. Not recommended for the bond papers or somerset velvet.

TEST STRIPS   $7 - 12
For any print there is the option to proof a printed portion before the full piece is produced. (Now say that four times fast). This is a recommended step for any project in order to approve final colour, tone etc. 

We print on canvas that is archival, a cotton blend and acid-free with a white finish. Our canvas does not contain any optical brighteners like others used for giclee printing, which will yellow over time.

Once the print has fully cured and a satin protective finish is applied, the final piece is hand stretched onto a kiln-dried stretcher frame. Stretcher frames are .75” thick, or 1.25” if a deeper frame is desired. Choose the wrap style of museum (plain colour edges) or gallery (image extends on edges). Hanging hardware is mounted to the back. Sizes start from 12 x 12” and turnaround is about one and a half to two weeks.

Visit our showroom to see our grand selection of frames from simple contemporary profiles to fanciful Italian Lavo frames. Bring your piece in for a custom estimate and to view all the finishing options.

PLAQUEMOUNTING   $2.25 - 3.50/united inch
This is a contemporary and durable option. Your print is mounted to a MDF board and finished with a thin laminate for protection. See the options for thickness and side colours in our showroom.

PRODUCTION + DESIGN   $12.50 - 18.75/quarter hour
We also offer photo restoration, extra cleanup of dust, scratches, blown-out pixels and more. We have a professional designer on staff who will advise per individual project before proceeding.

PHOTOGRAPHY   per project
We work with a select group of incredibly talented local photographers, each with their own specialties. They are available for shoots and contribute to our image collections.


about our pricing

This guide shows pricing for our main substrates and services at our standard sizes. We certainly do custom sizes. Our prices include an allowance for basic setup (see below).

Prices effective January 1, 2011. Pricing is in Canadian Dollars. We certainly can produce custom sizes. For a custom estimate, please email us.